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1 Spacing out the coordinate system (x,y,z) just a tad .

2 Making the graphs also compatible in the custom menu's.

3 Making A system for if you render in Bpr you get a button to store the screen,then you adjust some parameters en you store your second BPR render with a swipe like the 3dsmax render.

4 If you snapshot multiple side of your model in the canvas, also make it able to render in BPR (haven’t figured that option out don’t know if it's already there)

5 A dual brush setup like a second brush following the primary one both.

6 A poly paint setup for directly adjusting the poly paint on the model intensity gamma etc.

7 A 3d based volumetric system like the one in max but 3d based (perlin noise ,tendrils etc, but the make 3d in 3d space :))) )

8 Make the sub tool pallet better by incorporating maps in there with buttons like add to file map inside the sub tool pallet.

9 Make the spray brush compatible with the insert mesh.

10 make another mask system based on angles (like type in degree stuff).



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